The aims and objectives for which the society is established shall be as under:

    1. To create a sense of brotherhood, love and affection, among the members of the society.
    2. To make best efforts for the promotion and developments of the society and help those in distress taking the matter with authorities concerned.
    3. To establish, run, promote, help and co-ordinate information of a groups, organizations/institutions engaged in promoting the cause of moral, spiritual and cultural values.
    4. To improve men’s and women’s socioeconomic conditions both in rural and urban area of our community.
    5. To create awareness amongst the public in general about their rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations etc.
    6. To conduct, promote, guide and co-ordinate research in any field related to any social welfare / development / health / educational scheme including technical / professional education of girls and women and other various kind of weaker sections of the society.
    7. To set-up, sponsor, aid to take over educational institutions,  libraries, study circles, centers for the spread of literacy, centers for the training of nursing /health staffs, centers for the study of language.
    8. To under take various social service activities, in backward area for the all round development of the human being.
    9. To publish books, jobs and matrimonial websites, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications on different subjects and in different languages for the promotion of the above aims and objects.
    10. To make correspondences in lawful manner to solve the problems of the society like recognition of schools, managed by the above society.
    11. To arrange and organize social, religious, cultural, health safety and educational functions/camps/programs from time to time.
    12. To provide food, clothing, medical aid, stationary or other facilities to the needy persons and also to the members of the society.

Educational Initiative:
Education is every child’s birthright. for us education is the main tool that empowers individuals. “Help the Humanity” aims to support Primary Schools,through its participation as creative education providers.Each child deserves an equal opportunity for complete development.Therefore It is necessary to provide Primary Education in a very creative and meaningful way. We aim to start a non-formal education Programs in various Primary Schools.”Help the Humanity” aims to provide meaningful education that brings human values in children.

Health Initiative:
Help the Humanity” aims to aware People about various diseases as TB and Aids.We are committed to support and participate in Govt’s various schemes and Health Programs like Pulse Polio,Vaccination and Mother & Child healthcare etc.
“Help the Humanity” is deeply involve in participation with govt’s various health programs like Pulse Polio,Child vaccination and Aids Awareness. “Help the Humanity also aims to setup Mobile Hospitals in near future.These Hospitals will have facility of routine health checkup and vaccination at doorstep.